Degas House offers best of New Orleans history, art, and architecture.

Degas House

Degas House view from street

When traveling through New Orleans, one expects to experience the best in art, architecture, cuisine, and music; the Degas House offers all these experiences with captivating elegance and beauty. Nestled in the Esplanade Ridge Neighborhood, just five minutes driving from the French Quarter, this historic home operates in a number of capacities including a bed and breakfast, art gallery, wedding venue and music venue.
The bed and breakfast offers an authentic atmosphere of the Creole lifestyle with multiple suites and rooms available to enjoy your stay. The real treat, though, is the delicious Creole breakfast served up every morning.
The art gallery features many of the most famous and acclaimed works of Edgar Degas, who is often regarded as one of the founders of Impressionism. Degas resided at the house and created many of his works here, making it the lone residence/studio of the artist open to the public worldwide.
This venue offers the perfect opportunity for weddings as well. Depending on the weather, the interior of the house or the gorgeous back courtyard will provide any ceremony with the countless memories it deserves. The Degas House also hosts live music performances featuring some of the best musicians in the city.
Whatever the occasion, the Degas House is a must visit and one of the most unique and timeless experiences in New Orleans. I definitely recommend this wonderful attraction to those interested in the rich culture of the city or anyone visiting New Orleans looking for a memorable experience!

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  1. peggy landry says:

    i would like to get some information about having a wedding and reception for 150 people. the wedding date is 1-13-2012.

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